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过去,当人生走到终点,家人通常会以葬礼和追思会的形式纪念逝去的亲人。但现在越来越多的人不喜欢葬礼的永别悲哀气氛,而是选择生命的庆典(Celebration of Life) 来纪念亲人,并让所有参加的人度过快乐时光。

今天参加了花样滑冰教练Grete Borgen Castaneda的纪念活动。Grete在50年代两次获得挪威全国冠军,代表挪威参加过许多重大国际比赛,后来她到美国参加滑冰巡回演出,并在Dublin冰场担任滑冰教练40多年。她从来不喜欢葬礼,她的孩子们就用生命的庆典形式纪念她76年的人生历程。


我认识Grete有10多年,虽然她不是我女儿的教练,但她对我们非常友好。每天早上六点见到她,她都是精神抖擞,头发一丝不苟地梳成漂亮的发髻。尽管她有各种疾病,但从来不向任何人抱怨自己的身体不好,她去世的当天还在冰场教学生。可以说她一生直到最后一分钟都在做自己喜欢的事。她的三个子女都用幽默的故事缅怀母亲对滑冰事业的热爱。从挪威赶来的表弟在发言中说,Grete 实现了她大多数梦想,并一生都在帮助学生实现了她们的梦想,为她们的成功做各种努力。她教的第一个和最后一个打进全国比赛的学生都参加了今天的庆典。学生们都说Grete是她们的第二个妈妈。我想说,Grete,一个平凡又非凡的人!

(The following translation is mainly based on Google Translate. I only did a few edits.)
In the past, when people reached the end of their lives, family members usually mourn the death of their loved ones in the form of funerals and memorials. However, more and more people do not like the farewell atmosphere of the funeral. Instead, they choose the Celebration of Life to commemorate their loved ones and let all those who participated have a happy time.
Today I participated in the commemoration of the figure skating coach Grete Borgen Castaneda. Grete won two Norwegian national championships in the 1950s and represented Norway in many major international competitions. Later she came to the United States to participate in skating tours and served as a skating coach at the Dublin Iceland for more than 40 years. She never liked the funeral. Her children used the celebration of life to commemorate her 76 years of beautiful life.
Because it is a celebration, the scene is similar to a happy event reception, flowers adorning the dining table, and the memorial room displays photographs of various periods of Grete. Friends and relatives from all over the world tasted food and wine, and remembered Grete's beautiful moments in their lives with laughter and humor.
I have known Grete for more than 10 years. Although she was not my daughter's coach, she was very friendly to us. I used to see her every morning at six o'clock. She was full of energy and her hair was always combed into a beautiful bun. Even though she had various health issues, she never complained to anyone about her poor health. She was coaching at the ice rink the day she passed away. It can be said that she has been doing her favorite things all her life up to the last minute. All three of her children used humorous stories to cherish their mother’s love for figure skating. The cousin who came from Norway said in his speech that Grete had fulfilled most of her dreams and had helped her students achieve their dreams and made every effort for their success. The first and last student she coached and went to the national competition also participated in today’s celebration. The students all said that Grete was like their second mother. I want to say, Grete, an ordinary and extraordinary woman!
In addition to cherishing the memories of Grete, guests also spent time visiting and chatting with friends, coaches, and students. Many of them had not seen each other for years. While sighing at how time flies, people expressed their gratitude and appreciation to friends and relatives for enriching their lives.












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